Rising Star


 G Humble was born in Gary, Indiana.  Moved to Indianapolis at the age of three. Music has been a anchor for him since he was a child. His interest  of music started in church and being around singers in his family.  At the age of ten he began writing poems this then progressed to writing lyrics of songs.   

 Now at the age of 25 G Humble is embarking on his music career and has opened his style of music to the public with his New single release Pray. In the past he has released Pilot , Do No Talking and Catch a Vibe  . Which are more trap and urban in nature.  He also released  Love Changes on the first EP in which  he shows a more sentimental side of himself with rapping about his life story and being a father. With his versatility of rapping and singing  this artist shows he can sound good on any track. Now he has added to his Style a new song which tells the audience about his concerns and every day issues he may face in Pray.